Professional fees

Routine Care.

Routine care clinic visit   £26.00

Podiatry assistant nail cutting £16.00

Podiatry assistant Pedicure full £26.00

Routine care Home visit   £35.00

Routine care couple home visit   £60.00

Verrucae Treatments.

Course of 3 Cryotherapy treatments   £100.00

Electrosurgical removal  from £200

Surgical work includes all follow up visits and dressing packs.

Ingrowing Toe nails.

Simple nail clearing in clinic   £26.00

Nail clearing under local anaesthetic   £50.00

Curative nail surgery from £300

Surgical work includes all follow up visits and dressing packs.


Short biomechanics over view   £50.00

suitable for issuing chairside prefabricated devices with prices from £30.00 - £60.00

Full biomechanics assessment and casting for custom made orthotics. Includes orthotics, issuing appointment and follow up telephone consultation   £350.00


Routine care clinic visit   £26.00

Annual Neurovascular assessment   £60.00

Laser Fungal nail treatment

Treatment from £50


Requires 2-4 treatments on average

None Attendance

Please give 24 hours notice of change or cancellation of appointments. We reserve the right to charge the full appropriate clinical fees for none attendance or short notice cancellation.

Due to the present Covid-19 Pandemic we are having to charge a £4 PPE Fee for each appointment to cover the cost of essential PPE


Chiropody and Podiatry

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